Microsoft Word For Mac Line Numbering

Beginning page numbers on the second page

Word 2007 for Windows

  1. On the Insert tab, in the ‘Header & Footer’ group, clickPage Number.
  2. Click Top of Page, Bottom of Page, or PageMargins, depending on where you want page numbers to appear inyour document.
  3. Choose a page numbering design from the gallery ofdesigns.
  4. On the Design tab, in the ‘Options’ group, chooseDifferent First Page.

Microsoft Word For Mac Line Numbering Tool

All other versions (Windows or Mac)

  1. Put your cursor on the first page, and from the Insertmenu, select Page Numbers….
  2. Select the position and alignment you want for the pagenumbers.
  3. Uncheck Show number on first page, and then clickFormat….
  4. Select your desired format.
  5. At the bottom of the window, select Start at:, andthen select the number just below what you want your first page numberto be (e.g., if you want the page after the title page to be page 1,select 0 as the starting page number).
  6. Click OK twice to return to Word.

Beginning page numbers anywhere after the first page

  1. Determine where you want your page numbering to begin (e.g., page4), and then place your cursor at the end of the preceding page (e.g.,page 3).
  2. In Word 2007, from the Page Layout tab, in the ‘PageSetup’ group, select Breaks. Then, from the drop-down list,select Next Page.
  3. In other versions of Word for Windows, from the Insert menu,select Break…. Under ‘Section break types’, selectNext Page, and then click OK.
  4. In Word 2008 or 2004 for Mac OS X, from the Insertmenu, select Break and then Section Break (NextPage).
  5. In Word 2007, from the View tab, in the ‘Document Views’group, select Print Layout.
  6. In all other versions, place your cursor on the next page, and then fromthe View menu, select Header and Footer. The Headerand Footer toolbar should appear with several icons.
  7. If you want the page numbers at the top of the page, make sure youare in the header. If you want the page numbering at the bottom,switch to the footer. Click Switch Between Header and Footerto toggle between the header and footer.
  8. Note: In Word 2007, the toggling option is located on theDesign tab in the ‘Navigation’ group. In other Windowsversions, it is the third icon from the left of the Closebutton. In Mac OS X, it is the fourth button from the Closebutton. Mousing over the icon for a couple of seconds will display’Switch Between Header and Footer’.
  9. Once you are in the header or footer, find the Same asPrevious or Link to Previous icon on the toolbar (orRibbon in Word 2007). It will have a slightly different look from theother icons because it is already enabled. (Again, you can mouse overthe icon to see its name.)
  10. Click Same as Previous or Link to Previous todisable it. This separates the section’s headers or footers from thoseabove. In all versions except Word 2007, close the Header and Footertoolbar.
  11. In Word 2007, from the Insert tab, in the ‘Header &Footer’ group, select Page Number, and then choose yourpreferred position and alignment for the page numbers.
  12. In all other versions, from the Insert menu, select PageNumbers…, and then choose your preferred position andalignment for the page numbers. Leave Show number onfirst page checked.
  13. In Word 2007, in the ‘Header & Footer’ group, click and holdPage Number.
  14. In all other versions, click Format…, and then in the’Page numbering’ section, click Start at:.
  15. Select the exact number you want to be your starting number.
  16. Click OK until you return to the document.

Microsoft Word For Mac Student




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